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Leaders aren’t appointed. They emerge.

They’re the people that take initiative when they see a problem. Either through asking permission to respond, or responding first and asking forgiveness later, leaders are the ones that take the first step. We all have the potential to be leaders.

In this workshop, you’ll explore the core concepts of leadership, and identify what leadership means to you. You will learn how to recognize leadership around you and how to use it to succeed in driving your team forward. If leadership is present, your team will proceed responsibly and effectively.

Presented by Dr. Jim Tucker

Photo of Dr. Jim Tucker

Dr. Tucker currently holds the McKee Chair of Excellence in Learning at UTC. He is a member of the faculty in the school learning and leadership program as well as being a member of the school-psychology program. Prior to arriving at UTC in 2001, Dr. Tucker was Professor of Educational Psychology at Andrews University. Formerly, Dr. Tucker served as Director of the Bureau of Special Education, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Director of Federal Programs for the Department of Special Education, Texas Education Agency, and perhaps most importantly, High School and Elementary School Teacher in Florida.

Dr. Tucker is one of the learning authorities in America on the subject of integrated educational program-development for at-risk students, including students with disabilities. He has served as a consultant/trainer to hundreds of school systems, both public and private in more than 40 states and provinces in North America, as well as to school systems in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, and the West Indies.

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